Install and run Android Apps in Bluestacks

In our previous article we have showed you that you can easily Run Android Apps on Windows and Mac with the help of Bluestacks App Player. In this article we are going to show you How to Install and run Android Apps in Bluestacks. With the help of Bluestacks App Player you can enjoy your favourite Android Apps and Games on your Mac or Windows PC. First download the Bluestacks App Player from their Official Website and install it like you install other software and apps on your Windows or Mac Computer. Linux users might not be able to enjoy Android Apps on their PC because Bluestacks is not yet available for Linux users. We hope that they will launch the Linux version in future.

We hope that you have installed Bluestacks on your computer. If not then download and install it. You need a stable internet connection because Bluestacks will download some important files to your Computer from their Servers. It may take several minutes, if your Internet Connection is slow. Once you have downloaded and installed Bluestacks on your Computer, please restart your computer if you have RAM less than 4 GB. But if you have RAM greater than 4 GB then you will not face any error. Windows users may also clear their temp and prefetch files.

Now open Bluestacks from desktop shortcut and you are ready to Install and run Android Apps in Bluestacks. You will be taken to the Bluestacks Top 25 Apps.

Blustacks Top 25 Apps Install and run Android Apps in Bluestacks

If you find any app useful from the Top 25 Apps List, you can click on the App and Bluestacks will start downloading the App. While downloading the App it will ask you for your Google Account credentials. Sign in with your Google (Gmail Account) to download and install your favourite Android Apps inside Bluestacks. You can also browse other categories like – Games, Social, Music, Messaging and other.

Bluestacks Categories Install and run Android Apps in Bluestacks

You can manage and control application inside Bluestacks Settings. Bluestacks also gives you an option to sync your Android Phone. You can also sync your Android Phone to enjoy apps from your Android Phone.

 Bluestacks Settings Install and run Android Apps in Bluestacks

If you are searching for a specific app then you can go to search, enter your query and Bluestacks will start searching for your App on four different App Stores include Google Play and Amazon App Store. The process of downloading and installing Android Apps is some how similar to downloading and installing apps from Google Play. If you face any problem, you can take help of on-screen instructions. To toggle full-screen click on the Maximize button on the right side. The same button is used to minimize the screen. You can change language, date & time from the settings. Back button is on the left side and on the right side of it you will find the menu button. You can click on the Bluestacks icon in the centre to go back to the home screen similar to the Home button on your Android Mobile Phone.

Bluestacks Navigation Install and run Android Apps in Bluestacks

That’s it. Now you know How to Install and run Android Apps in Bluestacks. You can enjoy your favourite Android Apps and Games in Bluestacks like – Instagram, Temple Run, Bad Piggies and more. If you want to run fully functional Android you can see this tutorial.

  • Alex

    where to paste the obb file in bluestack inorder to execute the game

    • Aakash Rohilla

      I am not sure about .obb file but .apk file will run smoothly. Just double click on the .apk and if it asks for a program to run the file then select BlueStacks.

  • Aakash Rohilla

    Just click on Search icon to search for and android app on Google Play Store. BlueStacks also searches for app on Amazon App Store.