Genuine ways to Make Money Online

Fake Ads There was a line in Forbes India magazine that “Money is not everything, But make sure you earn sufficient before you think off such non-sense”, And it is very inspiring. Who don’t like money and a luxurious life. This is not about those Surveys or Clicking on unusual ads. This is something about reality. Today’s […] Read More →

Amazon silently comes in India

India on With no official announcement yet, Amazon has launched it’s services in India. Yes, you heard it right has now launched their services in India. You can visit and see it yourself. For now the selection is only limited to – Books, eBooks, Music and Movies but more items like- Mobile Phones, Tablets, Accessories […] Read More →

Play ROM Games on your Windows PC

Play ROM Games in Windows PC Do you remember those ROM Games like- Super Mario Bros, Contra, Adventure Island, Tekken 3 etc. I am sure many of you have played these games and you loved it. With time things got old and these ROM Games are one of them. Now-a-days Mobile Phones have better games than these ones. Example- Temple Run, […] Read More →

Recover Permanently Deleted Files in Windows

UnDeleteMyFiles Pro Home Disaster happens! Think about that moment when you accidentally delete some of your important files. You can restore your deleted files from Recycle Bin but What if you have used Shift+Delete button to delete the files. Many people prefer using Shift+Delete because it permanently deletes file from a Windows Computer. However, you can also Recover […] Read More →

5 Low Cost Tablets

Ubislate 7Ci While buying a gadget, budget matters a lot. Today, we are going to show you some low cost tablets which you can buy. For sure, they will not have features like high spec ones. We are going to keep this list sweet and simple with price, specification of each tablet in this list. Ubislate 7Ci […] Read More →

Pricing & Details of new Microsoft Office 2013/365

Microsoft Office 365 No other Office Suite can beat Microsoft Office. Recently, Microsoft launched the new generation’s Office suite named Microsoft Office 2013 (for home use) and Microsoft Office 365 (for small businesses and enterprise level) in India. The new office is available in different versions and prices. If you are going to buy the new Microsoft Office […] Read More →

TechQub Explains: Why Android is so popular?

TechQub Explain Android is an Open-Source Mobile OS backed by Google. All Google Service like – Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps, Navigation come inbuilt in almost every Android Device. Today we are going to explain Why Android is so popular among other devices like- iPhone, Windows Phone etc. As said above that Android is an Open-Source Mobile Operating […] Read More →

3G Data Plans of Telecom Companies in India

Reliance Prepaid Plans There are various Telecom Companies in India which provides 3G services. Vodafone , Airtel , IDEA , BSNL (MTNL in Delhi and Mumbai) , TATA DOCOMO , Reliance are few of them. 3G Data Plans of Telecom Companies in India varies from state to state. There are other telecom companies in India like – Aircel […] Read More →

Download Free Music from Flipkart [2 days left]

Download Free Music from Flipkart Flipkart is an Online Shopping site delivers products to Indian People. From Gadgets to Clothes everything is available on Flipkart. One year back Flipkart launched their Service called Flyte where users can buy & download DRM Free Music. They have grown very fast and now people like buying music from Flyte Store instead of downloading […] Read More →

Install and run Android Apps in Bluestacks

Blustacks Top 25 Apps In our previous article we have showed you that you can easily Run Android Apps on Windows and Mac with the help of Bluestacks App Player. In this article we are going to show you How to Install and run Android Apps in Bluestacks. With the help of Bluestacks App Player you can enjoy your […] Read More →